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SSL was first founded during 2003 and then re-registered in 2005 and has representation in the United Kingdom, United States, The Czech Republic, Jordan, Iraq and Afghanistan. SSL understands that the capabilities required to provide real security in Afghanistan require an unsurpassed ability to deploy and respond rapidly to changing circumstances and the unique environment of the country and cultural landscape. SSL-K believes that the key to success is through developing, maintaining, training and managing our team -- not strictly for the present mission but rather for years at a time. The members of our staff are true experts, many who have experience with other security providers and, in the end, have come to work exclusively with SSL due to the higher standards we bring to every job.

Safe Security brings over 30 years of security experience to Afghanistan and Iraq through its SSL-K arm, a North American corporation registered in Delaware. Our board includes former security experts, a former U.S. Ambassador, and a number of senior former DoD and DoS professionals. We span Europe and the United States, with our main field management headquarters now relocated from London to Prague in the Czech Republic to ensure streamlined communications and logistics support for deployments in the CENTCOM AOR (Near East and South Asia); we also maintain our back office support program in the United States.

SSL specializes in providing risk management and analysis in high and moderate conflict areas. Historically, SSL had extensive operations in Iraq; however SSL has undergone an ambitious restructuring and expansion exercise that enables it to compete more broadly and more effectively in the global security market and has refocused its global commitments on Afghanistan.

SSL's men and women of the Transport Security Department, (TAVSEC) are dedicated to detecting, deterring and defeating hostile acts targeting carriers, airports, passengers and crews, thus protecting the integrity of our client’s service and those who use it. Safe Security understand the unique and challenging mission that air marshals face which necessitates hiring the best candidates and provides them with the highest quality training available.

SSL is registered with a number of governments and our US corporation interests have been vetted by the US Department of Defence and awarded Cage Coding status. In addition, SSL is registered with various international organizations including NATO.

Technology Solutions for Real Security

Safe Security believes that technology is an essential tool in combating the ever-increasing levels of threat we face in operations. We use and provide electronic proactive defense systems to counter the threat against us and against our clients.

To support our programs in the field, we employ the following advanced technologies and program support components:
  • Viewing / Early Warning
    -- Thermal Imaging Intensifier with SONAR Capabilities
    -- Closed Circuit Television Monitoring / Security Cameras (CCTV)
    -- Full Spectrum Remote Concealed Weapon Scanning
  • Tracking / Locating Devices
    -- Tagging and Chipping (Physical and Equipment)
    -- Personnel Tracking Systems (Cel Tracking "Beepers")
    -- SAT Transponders with GPS and Moving Map Overwatch
  • Armored Vehicles
    -- SUVs and Sedans
    -- HAVs and Special Use Vehicles
  • Risk Management Software and Risk Insurance Programs

Recruitment and Training

Safe Security's program focused on identifying and continuously answering the specific needs of our clients. This requires customized training packages for each deployment -- typically with capstone training programs undertaken in-country on arrival to ensure fully operational systems and personnel are integrated and ready to function from day one.

By developing and enhancing our client's knowledge to the existing threat, we incorporate systematic security procedures that are enhanced by building an appropriate organizational structure to manage resources effectively and preserve the flexibility required to answer the changing nature of the threat.

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Hostile Environments

Safe Security (SSL) LLC regards our people as our most important assets. Therefore, we recruit and select only the very best of candidates. Typically, SSL recruits former servicemen, police forces and technical services personnel from the leading government analytical departments. Our team then undergoes extensive vetting, interviews and training, plus performance tests and personalized program preparation for each deployment. To preserve our esprit de corps, we provide excellent rotation plans that allow personnel to maintain sufficient R&R and readiness to address crisis situations when they emerge. Our rotation schedule also allows us to support surge requirements for our clients.

Indigenous/Local Forces Integration

SSL firmly believes that the future of Afghanistan will come from its own people and will be built upon the professionals and experts who are the natural product of a well-run international organization and business working in the reconstruction programs of Afghanistan. Therefore, SSL focuses extensively on local recruitment and training as our way of preparing the people for a secure and strong future with many opportunities in Afghanistan. What we achieve as an international reconstruction force is only temporary -- what we leave behind, not in terms of roads built and power lines erected, but in terms of Afghan personnel with the skills and experience to build a future, is what really matters.

SSL - Prague Office

The prime function of the company is to oversee the operations of SSL's global administration. Prague offers a number of advantages including:
  • Is a lower cost center in comparison to London or Washington, DC.
  • Provides a professional working environment in the centre of Europe with easy international travel connections.
  • Streamlines logistics and communications with operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Prague office handles recruitment, full administration inclusive of personnel and third party liability insurance, project analysis, auditing, HR, finance, invoicing and management.

SSL has ongoing relationships with three international Eastern European military hardware suppliers and law enforcement equipment providers to support the international market. The Company also deals with many other Western European and US equipment providers, allowing us to customize our technical equipment specifications to meet the requirements of any security tasking.
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