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Safe Security employs and has been involved with some of the world's foremost specialists in Aviation Security (AVSEC) delivering accredited international security services in challenging locations bringing ten years of experience of developing and implementing AVSEC programs in both developed and developing countries.

Safe Security necessitates an understanding of all aspects of AVSEC related tasks to implement or takeover from current incumbents smoothly and efficiently, and thereby manage the change so that it would be invisible to the outside world.

Safe Security also provides Air Security Guard forces, AVSEC management, AVSEC vulnerability assessment, Air Marshals, Air Marshal Training and Aviation Counter-Terrorism Response Programs.

Safe Security's experience ensure that current standards are improved to the highest international levels, from securing the integrity to providing a reliable internationally accredited AVSEC program.

Safe Security's specialist AVSEC team have designed, implemented and managed security operations at the following international airports:
  • Colombia:
    -- Bogotá
    -- Medellin
    -- Cartagena
    -- Barranquilla
  • Venezuela: Caracas
  • Ecuador:
    -- Quito
    -- Guayaquil
  • Peru: Lima

Safe Security's specialist AVSEC team have provided security surveys for clients (airlines/carriers for pax and/or cargo) at the following airports:
  • Mexico:
    -- Guadalajara
    -- Mexico City
    -- Cancún
  • Guatemala: Guatemala City
  • Costa Rica: San José
  • Panamá: Panamá City
  • Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo
  • Jamaica: Kingston
  • Colombia: Cali
  • Venezuela: Maracaibo
  • Brazil:
    -- Rió de Janeiro
    -- Sao Paulo
    -- Bello Horizonte
    -- Curitiba
    -- Porto Alegre
  • Argentina: Buenos Aires
  • Chile: Santiago


Safe Security's management team has a proven track record of managing Explosive Ordinance Detection (EOD) dog teams in Iraq. A key component of the delivery of Safe Security's improved security plan is the use of an enhanced dog EOD teams to provide an increased layer of security at the perimeter, cargo and passenger terminal and throughout the security structure of terminals at the airport.
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